PRP Stem Cell Therapy

In order to give out patients the best hair transplantation experience, our center has been certified to carry out Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy. Platelets in your blood are crucial in the process of wound and soft tissue healing following cuts, surgery, trauma etc. Platelet-Rich Plasma has been enriched with platelets above the normal levels found in human blood. The solution also contains several different growth factors, which stimulate tissue healing.

Preparing the Platelet-Rich Plasma Solution

Platelet-Rich Plasma preparation involves drawing a certain amount of blood from the patient prior to the hair transplantation procedure. The blood then goes through two stages of centrifugation on our certified equipment under supervision of the hair transplant center staff. Centrifugation is designed to separate the PRP from platelet-poor plasma and red blood cells. Typically, following centrifugation the PRP solution will have a five times higher concentration of platelets than whole blood.

Application of PRP in Hair Transplantation

Patient's blood is drawn for centrifuging before the hair transplantation procedure. Applied on bare skin, PRP will have little therapeutic effect. However, the micro incisions created during Advanced Follicular Unit Extraction procedure are perfect vessels for PRP delivery. During the hair transplantation procedure, the first of the two applications of PRP is carried out. Following the transplant, within about 24 hours, a second session of PRP treatment is done.

Effects of PRP on Hair Transplantation Patients

Thanks to its therapeutic qualities, PRP therapy can dramatically speed up healing after hair transplantation. For a number of patients, a quick recovery is crucial to their work schedule — and PRP Therapy can help you achieve that. Tiny wounds left after hair transplantation will heal at a faster rate and overall redness as well as other signs of the procedure will be gone quicker. There is also scientific evidence that PRP therapy increases the rate of graft survivability following hair transplantation, as well as the thickness and quality of hair.


Consult with your personal assistant at our hair transplant center to find out more about PRP Therapy and how it can help you.


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