Beard Hair Transplants

While hair transplantation is primarily used to counter the effects of hair loss, it can also give men a more defined, perfectly shaped beard. Using the latest hair transplantation methods, doctors can carefully recreate the natural pattern of hair growth on the face and achieve the perfect density of beard hair. Facial hair transplants require expectional skill and experience from the transplantation specialist. For over 6 years now, our doctors have been gaining valuable experience in facial hair transplants, so you can count on us to give you that perfect beard!

How do Beard Hair Transplants Work?

The basic principles behind facial hair transplants are identical to conventional Advanced FUE Hair Transplantation. Hair is harvested in grafts from the back of the patients' head. It is then replanted in reciepeint areas - such as the cheeks, chin, under the nose etc. The transplanted follicules stay with the patient forever and continue to produce hair. Results are therefore lifelong. Since beard hair transplants produce a very visible effect on the person's appearance, it is very important to achieve a natural-looking result.


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